Is some "stopPrint" like "keepAlive" possible as signal from printer to Repetier-Host/-Server?

Hello again :)

(I was not able to find the answer by myself)

I would like to send some signal from the printer towards Repetier-Host / Repetier-Server in case of some emergency.
The actual use is for cases like:
- Temperature sensor error
- unexpected restart
- recovery after emergency stop / german "Notaus"
- users choice within menu
- filament problems and other problems with no chance of recovery / total print fail

Is there some signal implemented that is understood by Repetier-Host/Repetier-Server?
-> some anything like: void GCode::keepAlive( StopPrint )

Rightnow all the Gcode is spooled through the dataline and moves are just ignored if some problem occurs.
The reason for my question is that this would be some better and much cleaner solution than preventing moves if the printer is not homed or than stopping repetier-server first in browser and then cut the printers power in some case of problems.

Sidequestion: Does Repetier-Server or Repetier-Host react if the printer reboots?
How would they recognize that the printer rebooted?
Some special string?



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