Multiple Browser Tabs - EEPROM settings

Repetier-Server Pro 0.80.3. I have two of the same printers (Stacker S4).  I wanted to compare EEPROM values and make adjustments as I knew some values were different between the two machines.  If I open one printer in one tab and the other in another tab, all fields on BOTH printers update to the latest printer opened.  If I go back to the first printer and refresh that page, it changes them back, but the other printer is updated to those values too.  I thought I was going mad trying to compare values until I realized what was going on. 


  • Have to test but I think I know the problem. SInce the response comes some time later the eeprom view waits for these responses and update when they arrive. Guess I should add a stop after it got no responses for some time. Will check that for next update, not that 0.80.3 is the latest version.
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