loading g code

HI, i really need some help. I have been struggling to load g code into repetier host, every time i do so, it always goes outside the build platform. I have been trying everything, changing XY position but no luck... plzzz help me...


  • Not sure what exactly you try an dif that is valid g-code for 3d-printers as we use ; for comments and not ( ), but you could add a G92 after homing to modify generated coordinate system. Or bring your software to create the right coordinates.
  • As you can see the g code is outside the build platform ..how can i load this gcode into middle or inside the build platform?  how do i create the right coordinates?
  • Read http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Gcodes for infos about gcode.

    You have already a G92 at the beginning, which sets the origin to the current position. This is typical CNC behaviour since you can not home before starting in the script. Instead you home at the beginning add your piece to the table and then position it over start position and start script. This moves the output to a different position then your preview and would be ok. If you want to home before and print exactly at position shown modify G92 with negative X and Y value to move it right/top.
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