file containing the "Printer parameters" ?

I have a Vertex K8400 printer, and I want to use it with Ubuntu.
The printer is provided with a Windows RepetierHost with a special configuration (2 extruders, PLA or ABS), but there is no ready to use software for Linux including this configuration.

So, I installed the standard version of RepetierHost in Ubuntu, and I've been able to export / import the "Print" and "Filament" parameters in CuraEngine from Windows to Ubuntu.

But I can't find the file containing the "Printer parameters" (printer size, number of extruders...).
It's possible to manually copy these parameters, but I would prefer to copy the file.

Where is the file containing these "Printer parameters" in Windows or Linux ?


  • These are stored in windows registry on windows and on linux in the .mono directory in your home directory. So these systems are not compatible, sorry.
  • OK, thanks for the information.
    At least, I will be able to save these datas in Linux.
    Thanks again.

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