Try to connect, does nothing - Linux Mint

Hi there! So I got Linux Mint running version 18.2, Cinnamon , installed mono-complete version Repetier Host version 2.0.5. Got my printer settings to match what I had on Windows, installed Arduino IDE to get the USB/Serial drivers, see the USB port when I disconnect/connect. All looks like it should connect, but when I hit Connect, it literally does nothing, no flicker like it's doing anything, never connects. Does anyone have any ideas? I am a complete Linux newb so it'd be greatly appreciated! Been using Repetier Host for Windows for years. 

- Marco


  • Did you add your user to dialout group? Only with membership in that group you can access serial devices.

    Also you should better use your AppImage host version as it already contains a working mono and slicers. It even has a command to add you to the group if you read instructions on download page.
  • I agree that you need to make sure you have access to the dialout group. Not know what printer you have and how it's connected, it's hard to say for sure though. With my Anet it is a serial connection over USB. If you have the printer config screen open and click the drop-down for ports while unplugged, then plug the printer in, it will pop-up with a new port that you should choose. That of course needs to be correct first. 

    I ran into a similar issue when I got going and logged out and back in (not that I needed to) and it is now connecting. Takes about 2-4 seconds and the printer will reset, then you can go to the manual control tab and move things around for verification.
  • New groups require relogin to get effective.
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