Usint Repetier Host with Octoprint server


i was just wondering the best way to use Repetier Host with an Octoprint server?


  • Store sliced file and load it into Octoprint. A connector like our repetier-server connector is not planned.
  • ok so there is no advantage to using repetier host over just slicing it directly with the slicer, is that right?
  • Depends on what you want to do. Host has also gcode verification and gcode editing with preview. But if slicing is all you need, then no except different handling.
  • thanks for your help
    is there a reason why you don't support octoprint or other servers? it would add much more use to your program
  • We have a similar solution with repetier-server which we develop on our own so we can better adjust development to sync them. And knowing how much work such a solution is and how sensitive it can be to to server changes, we want to stick to the software we know by heart and can control. This is nothing against octoprint which is also a great product, just not from us so we have no control and can also not afford all the extra work to handle 2 similar solutions..
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