Repetier Server on Raspberry Pi (WO Internet Connection) Not working

To start off I want to thank everyone who reads this post, and or posts any advice themselves. I really do appreciate it.

So I have five Prusa I3's currently running, and was hoping to get them off of my laptop and onto raspberry pi's. My problem is, the individual pi's will not have internet connection. I noticed when I set up the first of the pi's at home, that it said the paid version would only be full trial for 15 days and must have internet connection. I wasn't too interested in the paid version, although I do plan to purchase it eventually, but for now I just want to run the standard version on the Pi and see how it does. My biggest issue with this is that, where the printers are, I do not have any HDMI connections that would allow me to see the direct output of the raspberry Pi's themselves.

I was hoping that someone would have some advice for me on this one? Is there something else going on after that 15 day trial period that it is needing me to interact with it to do?

Thanks again,


  • The server works completely fine without internet connection, with just some minor things not working
    - automatic updates
    - activating a license as there you need to talk to license server. After activation is done, no internet is required.
    - Trial period as this tests online if it was already done.

    Everything else should work just fine on the intranet.
  • I seem to be experiencing problems then. I have a screen hooked up to my PI now but I can't get the server to work. I'll post again soon with regards to specifics on the problem.
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