Print job not completing properly

I have repetier-server 0.86.2 running on an RPi Zero driving my prusa i3 clone printer (running Marlin firmware.) Printing appears to work well, except the print job never finishes properly - it gets stuck at about 99% completion. The extruder returns to the park position and the extruder heater turns off, but the heated bed remains on, and the printer will not accept any manual commands or a force stop command. My only recourse is to turn off the bed heater manually via the LCD control panel on the printer and then cycle the power on the printer.
The print job using the same gcode prints and finishes correctly in Repetier-Host with the printer directly connected via serial connection (i.e. not via repetier-server.)
I suspect that I am missing some termination gcode commands, but I am not sure what.
Has anyone else had a similar issue, or has some tips on what to do to rectify it?


  • I fixed the problem by adding a 'M190 S0' command to the end g-code. Printing completes normally now and I can manually control the printer after job completion.
  • Should finish with any command at the end. Can you tell me what was previously the last sequence so I can test why that did go wrong.
  • The original end g-code was the default for Slic3r in Repetier-Host:
    M104 S0        ; turn off temperature
    G28               ; Return to home position
    M84               ; disable motors

    My customized end g-code is now:
    M104 S0        ; turn off temperature
    M190 S0        ; turn off heated bed
    G1 X0 Y0  Z5 ; return to park position
    M84               ; disable motors

  • you would probably be better using M140 S0 instead of the M190 S0,then it does not wait for the bed to cool own
  • Especially if firmware would wait to reach 0°C it waits until winter and windows open with M190 S0 :-)
  • Oh, that's interesting. It went to the 'Finished' state (as shown on the printer LCD screen) before either the bed or the extruder had cooled down. Still, I'll adjust the end g-code as you suggest. Thanks for the tip.
  • P.S. Maybe Marlin is smart enough to just switch the bed heater off and return control immediately if the target temperature is zero (i.e. emulate the M140 command.) That would avoid any infinite wait situations where an M190 was erroneously used instead of M140, as in my case.
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