repetier-server not saving configuration

I have repetier-server 0.85.2 running on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Everything was set up and configured fine when I first installed it, but after rebooting it can't find the printer configuration. When I try to recreate the printer config it won't save the extruder config.
Has anyone else experienced this problem or have any ideas about what to do?

P.S. The RPi has a 16GB SD card and the fire system has been expanded to accommodate the full card space. Repetier-server says there is 10.1GB of available space.


  • Firstupgrade to 0.86.2 which solves deleting config on print finish which could happen.
    i would stop server and go to /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs and delete the defect config with 0 size in case that also causes problems, also 0.86.w is now at least better at reading defect configs and also makes backups when you chnage it. Then star server and see if you can recreate config.
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