BL Touch but keep Z max home

I need to keep Z max multi home but run Auto bed level with BL Touch separate.
I have BL Touch on Zmin.
Also what does Extruder is Z probe do? and What can i use Servo control in UI for and where in UI is it?

Many thanks 


  • Running Auto bed level from the Console Commands would be nice
  • You can add extra commands to console dropdown in printer configuration.

    extruder is z probe is exactly that. If extruder has a switch triggering bed hit. Has some special handling if you have 2 of them to calibrate z differencebitween them etc.

    z probe on z min is ok, but set z min endstop to false ig you do z max homing.
  • Large format small display :o
    It would take a 7 "10"
    compliments ;)
  • 1mm layers Y axis missing steps? Any ideas?
    Y is running on 2 separate drivers at 640 steps per mm so it carn't be over heating and cutting out both driver at the same time. Could it be crosstalk or firmware bug?
    Overhang miss looks straight so must be something affecting both drivers at the same time...
  • Also the Y drivers are on not next to each other but diagonal so would share the same heat
  • If it is away from y endstop it is crosstalk to endstops. Set ALWAYS_CHECK_ENDSTOPS 0 so endstops are not tested during print, whcih would prevent this then.
  • Great thanks again fixed.
    Distortion.h won't compile in Arduino its the first time ive used the distortion correction so how do i get it to compile? 
  • What is the error message on compilation?
  • Distortion.h: No such file or directory
  • Also how do i change what axis moves first at the start of a print?
  • Ok, found that the due version did not copy all 4 new files. Just fixed that, so please redownload dev version.
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