Issue when trying to extrude.

Lately I have been encountering a strange issue that doesn't occur all the time but quite frequently.  I am using Repetier Server 0.86.2 on my Windows 10 system.  The issue occurs when I instruct my printers to extrude from the web control page usually using the 30 mm/s option.  Rather then extruding its been instructing the printer to drop the Z axis instead.  This has been happening on my printers with both Marlin and Smoothieware.  I need to be careful because it has caused many nozzle crashes into the bed.



  • When that happens next time please go to console and enable commands to see what got send. Should always be a pure e move, but if not it might shed some light on the pronlem. haven't had that my self so far.
  • Here is a screenshot of what is going on every time i tell it to extrude.  If I select 100mm and extrude at 30mm/s it sends
    15:52:16.930: N781 G1 X240.20 Y240.20 F1800
    15:52:16.930: N782 G1 Z93.00 F1800
    15:52:16.930: N783 G1 E820.00 F1800
    15:52:16.938: N784 G1 E870.00 F1800
    every time I press the extrude button.

    It also seems to occur at the slower 3mm/s extrude rate as well if I have 100mm extrude selected.

    If the printer isn't homed then the above commands will cause it to crash.

    I recall last time I had the problem I used the disconnect and reconnect printer function right before I used the extrude.

    Also another problem I am seeing is it's only extruding 50mm when I have 100mm extrude selected.

  • Ok, will check that. I guess z positioning could be omitted if it is not set to go up for extrusion. That would help. Or better omit all movement for unhomed axis as this is a problem only happening when not homed.
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