Homes very slowly then resets

Latest server Due board, 128x steppers, 640 steps per mm, G2 pullies. Trying to workout why it homes and moves very very slowly then cuts out and resets?
I have sped up the homing and movement speeds in firmware and Server setting but still sooo slow then resets its self. Are my steps too low? Why would it stop moving and reset?


  • Check log dor reset reason. I assume it triggers watchdog which can happen if moving eats up 100% cpu time it does not handle temperature control often enough to ping watchdog and resets. But moves with 100m/s would only have 64khz and should beno problem if you have no stepper high delay set,which can reduce speeddrastically.
  • It was the stepper high delay Thankyou
  • Print is starting at zero and grinding on bed but print log says its at first layer height. Is this a know fault or a problem with simplify3D?
  • First layer is just first height where you move and extruder. Check g-code to see at which z height it is. Normally slicers do this at first layer height which is > 0 hopefully.

    Also make sure endstops and bed are calibrated right so 0.2mm has a gap between bed and nozzle over the whole bed area. Especially if bed is tilted grinding on first layer can happen.
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