Camera's for extra printers

Hi everyone,
I'm rather new to Repetier server, and  I'm running Repetier-Server Pro 0.86.2 on a raspberry pi 3 with 7" touchscreen, to control 3 3D printers.
This means that already 3 USB ports are taken for the 3 printers, leaving the pi camera port, 1 more USB port and IP camera's as possible solution, since I would like a camera per printer.
The pi camera works fine, but I can't get the USB camera to work, although it shows up in the list to select and I have a -video0 in the /dev list when I connect via the SSH client, for the USB camera.
I was planning to add a few IP camera's. For this I had a few raspberry pi zero's with wifi, running motionEyeOS.
They work fine when you type the IP address in a browser and log-in, but I have no idea how the add them as extra camera's to Repetier -Server or if that is at all possible.
Any thoughts on how to connect them?
Thanks in advance for your help


  • When you see the image/mjpg of your camera right click to open in new tab and copy the url at the top to webcam config in server. Url depends on webcam server software and ip, so make sure to always assign same ip. Server will then forward the stream with it's own ip in. Case you access from internet over port forwarding. You could also try a avtive hub to extend usb ports to have webcams locally. Check /var/logs/system if webcam does not appear with our image. It should contain logs from mjpg_streamer what happened,
  • I dumped the motionEyeOS and used Mjpg_streamer . Now it works like a charm :) .
    Thanks for the advice
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