Hardware flow control

I have the Monoprice Mini Delta and it requires hardware flow control for it to respond to queries.  Is there any way to specify hardware flow control for serial connections to the printer?



  • No firmware we support uses hardware flow control. In fact most boards use dtr or rts to reset the board instead of flow control, which is what we support but no hardware flow control, what board and firmware doesthe printer use?
  • It is manufactured my Malyan (http://malyansys.com).  It looks like their M200 with some additional connectors for the bed leveling sensors.  It is strange they require hardware flow control as they use a 32bit CPU and a CDC USB device driver, USB direct to the micro so no TTL SERIAL or RS-232 where hardware flow control might actually do something.  Hopefully they will introduce a firmware update to change this behavior as it has become a headache for many of the users as only half the gcode senders support hardware flow control or probably just assert RTS.


  • Yes, that would be fine especially if it should be compatible with reprap firmwares, which i can not say as i do not know and have this printer,
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