Repetier- debuging information

Can you list how the commands and responses work for communications. I check documentation and was unable to find anything.

Repetier sends command
Printer response ok

or can the repetier send multiple commands
printer sends multiple ok's

I have had the repetier send like 4 lines of commands and the printer send back multiple lines of ok's later on.

I have been working on the hardware side of things so not sure how software side handles it, maybe the commands go in a buffer then get ok'd?

Marlin 1.1.4

I don't know if I can reproduce it as I have since changed out the resonator and replaced with a crystal.


  • Firmware sends an ok for each incoming command when it is parsed or at least has cleared from input buffer. You can send more then one command as long as you do not overrun the fimrware input bufffer, which is the preferred mode in repetier products for maximum speed.
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