Download button for others than GCode files

When I tune in my settings and profiles for one good print I want to put the corresponding files to one GROUP within Repetier-Server.
For later commits and changes I want redownload the factory-/profile files (for Simplify or other Slicers) later.

For this goal it would be awsome to have a download button for all files that are not gcode too. The download feature is already implemented for Gcodes. I think that only the button is missing to have alot more productivity.



  • This part is really meant to only store gcodes for printing and nothing else. We work an a model storage inside repetier-server where you have projects and can store any document you want to that project. That wiukd then be what you want i guess.
  • Ok, whatever you plan exactly. It sounds good.

    But still some simple Download-Button would still be very nice. I know that you probably dont want to create another Owncloud.
    The Grouping-Functions plus this tiny button or just some Button "Details" with the original Button inside the same would multiply the possible use of file grouping.

    I saw that some can unhide the details button quite fast, but it is annoying. Then download the files and rename them from .gcode to original filename.


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