I need to build a similar repetier host

Hi I'm trying to make my school project. I am trying to make a similar Repetier Host, Firstly I've started to learn repetier protocol, 
I checked this link
https://github.com/repetier/Repetier-Firmware/blob/master/repetier communication protocol.txt
I didn't fully understand

for example, this part:

Comparison of sizes:
L1 Command 1:
L2 G1 E10810.1  F1000
L3 Original size: 21 Bytes
L4 Updated for errorcheck:
L5 N6654 G1 E10810.1  F1000 *65
L6 Errorcheck size: 29 Bytes
L7 repetier-protocol: 15 Bytes 

I couldn't understand how the orginal size is 21 bytes in L3 
and what is *65 means, I guess it's comes from fletcers checksum but I'm not sure. What does exactly mean of this ? 


  • *65 is just normal checksum from ascii protocol for compatison,
    15 byte = 1 byte flags + e byte for L, E and F plus 1 byte for G then 2 bytes for fletchers checksum.
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