H.264 or MPEG streams?

Hi, many modern IP cams dont support MJPEG and if, than in very low resolution. My 4Mpx Hikvision cam supports only 640x360 MJPEG. We totally need implementation of this. :( Modern cams support H.264, H.264+, H.265 and MPEG.

Yes, I readed post about licences and non free codec... but H.264 and MPEG are playable on Linux with free packages without any problems.


  • Not to forget that we can use mjpg to capture images for timelapse and forward it to destination server, which we can not do with h264. So in total h264 makes everything very complicated with advantage of having less data transfer. Maybe i can add a url to be used as video element source. But not sure if h264 is streamable or not. Being part of webcam would suggest that, but my ip webcam has no support so i need to create some software stack for this.
  • I tested MJPG now and even this not working... my cam adress for MJPG stream is "" and working in browser without any problems... but not work in RS.
  • If course not. We proxy it and proxy only understands mjpg and jpg. Also it is embedded in a img tag and normal videos need video tag instead.
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