Is it possible to "remove the lag" between display and printer?

Hi all,

so the impatient printer-admin decides to give <Speed> a bump (possible reasons: too conservative settings in <slicer>, "da geht noch mehr!")

With my current printer -xBot 150 from hence my username- this ain't so bad (BufSize 16, X/Y-MAX ~130) but it's still noticeable that <display> shows the new speed way before the printer actually picks up "the new speed".

Now, I'm "beinahe fertig" with my new and somewhat bigger printer (X/Y ~400mm) and me thinks this is going to hurt somewhat because with long movements (think brim nearly maxing out the bed) with a buffer of 16 might run some time before the new speed actually is in action and this is quite "mühsam" 'cos one never knows whether the extruder starts losing steps at 140% (or are we at 160% already?) or there's something completely different going astray right now (warped bed, miscalibration and so on...)

Am I talking out of my posterior here or is this something that can (and possibly will, who knows ;-)) be addressed by RS / RH?

current setup:
Printer xBot 150
RAMPS 1.4 / repetier-firmware + Display
RS <latest> on raspberry pi 3
RH <latest> on Win7 (or Linux as soon I can figure out how to transfer slicer-settings from here to there without getting a headache and/or spending more time faffing around with <OS | Application> instead of actually printing something)

Thanks in advance & a big *thumbs up* for your work!


  • No, the lag can not be reduced. Moves get buffered as they are to be done and get executed by the stepper timer while the main thread takes new commands to keep the buffer full and displays the state it will have at the end, which is always the starting condition of new commands being send. So if you look at it this way it is even good otherwise it will surprise you with different speeds on next command which you did not expect.
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