Exporting G-code

We have two printers, a Bukobot and a large envelope metal printer using a Parker motion package and their new Parker Automation Controller (PAC) controller. We would like to output the G-code from the slicer to the PC controlling both printers, and import it into the Parker Automation Manager (PAM) software on the PC so it can be sent to the PAC controller. 

At this point we have managed to save the G-code from Slic3r but it saves as a text file with no line numbers. The PAM uses line numbers which start with "N" (N0005, N0010, etc). My impression is that Slic3r just uses sequential numbers assigned to the G-code as it is read into the register.

Is there a simple way to save or export the G-code from Slic3r which either retains the original line numbers, or better yet, allows us to automatically add line numbers with a leading letter (N)?

Thanks very much for any assistance,


  • No. The N lines get added while sending them. This is important for reprap style printers since host adds host polling which also have numbers so numbering is not known in before.

    You can write a script and let the host call it (printer settings->advanced) which adds the lines for you.
  • Thank you, that is what we are trying.

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