Not displaying 3D Model preview

Hello fellow 3D printers :)

I have built myself a Rostock and am loving using Repetier.  If it weren't for your dedication I probably would have abandoned a DIY printer a long time ago.  I can't get over the ease of which I was able to get this printer running.

Anyhow, I can't get 3D model previews to show in Repetier Host.  The only way I can determine the orientation of a model is if I slice and view the preview.

When I first fired up Repetier, the tablet model was present but since then it hasn't shown.

Any help solving this issue would be appreciated.

Ps. if it helps, video drivers are up to date as is windows 8.1 and things like chipset drivers.

Thanks in advance.


  • Check the view menu. If you do not see the original models you load you have most probably disabled viewing of faces.
  • Check the view menu. If you do not see the original models you load you have most probably disabled viewing of faces.
    Thanks!  I feel so stupid, I saw that option but did not occur to me to select it.
  • I have same issue,   screen is just black on any view angle.

  • @FireflyNJ What does the log say about graphic driver? Also is the Object Placement view also black? Normally this is a incompatibility with 3d opengl driver. Are you using latest version? You could try install with legacy 3d library instead and see if it helps.
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    Also have this problem.

    I can see the objekt in Place object and slicer. But nothing shows up under preview.

    Have checked all settings.

    It is slicing the model, time, layers, materials 1 and 2 is showing in mm.

  • Enable show filament in tool bar at the top.
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    I found the sliced model, way out in space. It is like 50 meter from the hotbed... When I open a new model it is placed on the hotbead. After slicing it goes of in space. It is sliced whit model and support material. When I start Printing the printer prints the first layer then it whant to go to X 3500 something. I have looked through all settings but can not find anything wrong. I also have a problem that it does not start the heater for the support material only start for the building material extruder. When I rpinted with only one extruder and no support, it was working eccept for the sliced model. My G-Code look at the end

    G1 X148.413 Y117.183 E3.34385

    G1 X150.976 Y117.183 E3.47971

    G1 X152.107 Y117.466 E3.54151

    G1 X153.464 Y117.691 E3.61443

    G1 X154.647 Y118.086 E3.68054

    G1 F2760 X150.603 Y140.527 E28.55587

    G0 F9000 X150.398 Y141.382

    G1 F2760 X149.560 Y141.075 E28.63144

    G1 X150.114 Y142.159 E28.69597

    G92 E0

    G1 F2400 E-16.00000

    G1 Z0.570




    G0 F9000 X3732.578 Y135.148


    G1 Z0.170

    G1 F2400 E0.00000

    G1 F2760 X3732.578 Y135.348 E0.01060

    G1 X3732.378 Y135.548 E0.02559

    G1 X3732.378 Y135.948 E0.04680

    In bold. My x- values for the extruder is -1800 and -5400 steps, Why is it moving 3600 mm. instead of stepps???

  • Problem solved. I thougt it was steps in Cura... but it is mm.
  • I had the same problem but i could detect that my ~/.mono/registry/CurrentUser/software/repetier/3d/values.xml didn't have permission
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