LCD display on Raspberry Pi

I just installed the newest image on my Raspberry Pi 3 B with a 3.5" display. After booting the system the diplay only shows a part of the screen and rest is only black. I use a waveshare 3.5" display. If I change to a 7" display from waveshare only running lines can be seen. How can I fix it?



  • I don't have your display but I guess it is using framebuffer. So read carefully how to install drivers and what files to configure. For example /boot/config.txt contain

    # uncomment to force a console size. By default it will be display's size minus

    # overscan.



    and other settings. I guess you have either entered some wrong values there or none if you can already see something.

  • I did this correct, also the hdmi section. I got it tor un with Octoprint some month ago. Thanks you for your comment
  • Solved, problem was the guy just infront of the screen. :) I missed that my 7" screen has 1024 X 600 pixel. My setting was 800 X 600 which seems not to be working with Repetier Server.
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