Repetier server 502 Bad Gateway error

I'm running Repetier server image on Raspberry Pi (version 0.85.2). There were some issues with the web interface, so I restarted the pi. Then after the reboot it couldn't find the printer and said there is some unknown printer connected. I tried configuring this unknown printer but it froze on Automatic settings import from firmware. I restarted the Pi again and after that it no longer works and shows 502 bad gateway error.

I tried starting in manually from the console and here is what I saw in output:

Reading printer config /var/lib/Repetier-Server/configs/OLP.xml
error: No element found in line 1 column 0
Starting printjob manager thread for unknown
Starting printer threads ...
Starting work dispatcher subsystem ...
Starting user database ...
Starting printer thread for unknown
Importing wifi connections from /boot/repetier-network.xml
Importing wifi connections from /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database/repetier-network.xml
Importing wifi connections from /var/lib/Repetier-Server/database/repetier-network-stored.xml
Initalizing LUA ...
Starting wifi watcher ...
Register LUA cloud services
add Repetier-Renderer
LUA initalization finished.
Starting web server ... 
Work dispatcher thread started.
Webserver started.
AborterReading printer configurations ...

I've checked the file size for OLP.xml and it was zero. So, it looks like if printer config file becomes empty (or damaged?)  the server crashes and no longer shows web interface. Deleting the empty file and restarting server helped (it stopped crashing and I could add and configure the printer again).


  • Yes, if you have a copy of config just copy that file back and restart and everything is fine again. Read this thread

    for mor einfos and how to help us finding the source of th eproblem.
  • I have this issue after updating to the latest. I ssh'd and deleted all the configs under /bar/lib/RepetierServer/configs. But still get the 502. Am I supposed to delete the folder for my printers under /printers/ directory too?
  • No the /printer folders are only used if y config with that name is present. So if you leave them and create the new config with same name they get reused.

    But it is important to reboot to be sure it reloaded. Deleting shoudl also be done when server is not running to prevent write backs.
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