Heated Chamber

we have a repetier server pro version. We are running the machine on smoothieware. Its a delta style machine.  We would like to add a temperature controller for heated chamber on the server as well as on the touch screen. The machine has two extruders and we are using custom pins to control the chamber. we need your help to add this controller on the server as we were not able to find any solution for this one 
looking forward to your help. 



  • How does smoothieware implement heated chamber and report these temperatures?
    Currently you can only add it as extra extruder so you see the temperature but should avoid using it for extrusion.
    So far there is no real standard for heated chambers and hence no direct support to visualize it. Of course you can send the command to enable it etc. just not see it except you would reprogram the ui.
  • There are four thirmistor pins on smoothieware. We are using TH3 to report back the temperature. 
    SSR to control the heaters and fans
    looks similar to this code
    temperature_control.chamber.enable               true               #
    temperature_control.chamber.thermistor_pin       0.26          #
    temperature_control.chamber.heater_pin           2.6              #
    temperature_control.chamber.pwm_frequency        5            # Set low to control SSR 
    temperature_control.chamber.thermistor           Semitec       # see smoothie site for details
    #temperature_control.chamber.beta                4300              # or set the beta value
    temperature_control.chamber.set_m_code           141          #
    temperature_control.chamber.set_and_wait_m_code  191   #
    temperature_control.chamber.designator           C                #
    temperature_control.chamber.bang_bang            true          # set to true to use bang bang control rather than PID
    temperature_control.chamber.hysteresis           2.0              # set to the temperature in degre
    The Mcode is M141 S[temperature]
    The controller is similar to heated bed in the server and the firmware.
    Is it possible to add one more controller (module) similar to the heated bed on the UI and 
    edit its icon and mcode?
    if we add an addtional extruder is it possible to edit its mcode. 
    could you please guide us on editing the code or adding a module to the current ui  
  • Ok, so M141 sets chamber temperature. A good start, but how do I read that. I would expect M105 would include that as well, but having no sample system with chamber, what would smoothieware return when you have a chamber?

    I ask because you can not add chamber temperature like you want to, but I can add it if I know how to parse the temperature.

  • This is what pronterface will return when you type the M105 command, where "C" is the chamber same thing as the "B" which is for the bed.

    If we would add two extruders it would look like 

    T0:31.0/0.0 T1:31.0/0.0 B:31.0/0.0 C:31.0/0.0

  • That's good. Have modified my firmware to produce similar output for testing. Will be included in 0.86.0 if you enable heated chamber in extruder tab.
  • Thank you for the implementation!

    I try to map my printers spare sensor pin to the heated chambers diagram.
    But I cannot figure out the right syntax for having the PWM taken from "C"hamber Part. It always gives me the PWM from active extruder. currentTemperatures and targetTemperatures are shown as expected.
    This evening I tempered alot with Command::printTemperatures(), but no success.

    This was my last state:
    0:48:45.174: T:31.6 /35 @:109 B:27.0 /0 B@:0 T0:31.6 /35 @0:109 T1:25.2 /0 @1:0 C:27.1 /0 C@:0 F:-526 /0 @:0

    I guess it falls down to this syntax:
    T:31.6 /35 @:109
    B:27.0 /0 B@:0
    T0:31.6 /35 @0:109
    T1:25.2 /0 @1:0
    C:27.1 /0 C@:0
    F:-526 /0 @:0

    (F is the value of force in direction of Z-axis which measures the extrusion force)

    But whenever I see C's PWM I see the PWM of T->current.
    I tried:  C@:0,  @:0, different Places, ...

  • Your last state is what should have worked, but your example had @value which no other firmware uses so i have also added that. But here position matters and if i search from beginning i get current t. Will have to look into this when i am back.
  • Thanks so far!

  • Repetier said:
    That's good. Have modified my firmware to produce similar output for testing. Will be included in 0.86.0 if you enable heated chamber in extruder tab.

    Has this been implemented, as I can not seem to find it.
  • Server supports heated chamber, yes. You need to enable it in Printer Config->Extruder. Add a heated chamber and if firmware uses a supported output format it will show it.
  • Aah, you are talking about the server application.
    I was wondering if this will also come to the repetier firmware?
    We now have an extra extruder setup as chamber temperature, but that will of coarse not generate the C value for the M105 command.

  • Found it already, it will come in V2. Any ETA on V2?
  • V2 already is working for due based boards and some combination. But I'm aware that we need some more modules to make it working for the majority of problems. Just check the dev2 branch on github and our documentation

    also still in progress of course. But it is up to date with implemented parts.
  • Der Prusa MK3 liefert eine Ambient Temperatur:
    18:31:03.827: ok T:39.5 /0.0 B:32.2 /0.0 T0:39.5 /0.0 @:0 B@:0 P:26.1 A:30.9
    kann man das in gleicher Weise Nutzen um die Umgebungstemperatur in einem Schrank zu überwachen?
    A:30,9 ist die gelieferte Umgebungstemperatur.
  • Ambiente temperatur ist nur passives auslesen. Heizkammer kann ja auch heizen und auf zieltemperatur regeln, ist also schon ein unterschied.
  • Ok, wäre aber trotzdem schön, wenn die Umgebungstemperatur neben Extruder und Heizbett angezeigt würde ;)
  • Ja ist auch geplant für später.Zwar nicht oben aber an einigen stellen.
  • There is a need to standarize the M105 response.
    In the M105 response C is for chamber A would be for ambient.
    These are 2 different things.
    Chamber is inside the printers volume (the heated chamber), ambient is outside the printers volume( the room where the printer is located).
    I am guessing the prusa firmware is not reporting the ambient temperature, but the chamber temperature. It would be helpfull to contact them, and let them know that their M105 response is wrong.
  • Since prusa does not use it as heated chamber ambient is ok ok. Not sure what it really measures. Might be pinda temperature or board temperature,
  • Is there any chance of getting the C value in the normal firmware (not V2), as that is the only thing that is missing.
  • There is no chamber controller in V1. So you can hack it into it to get it, like outputting extruder 3 as C and mapping chamber set temperature to that extruder, but not planned.
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