run print job is COMMAND PAGE have BUG

run print job is COMMAND PAGE have SHOW BUG,PRINT is OK RUNING


  • That looks like something on the javascript side has gone wrong. When I try this it looks normal.
    How can I reproduce this?
    If you open javascript console in the browser, what error message does it show?
  • i don't know ,my other one UM2 not have ERROR ,BUT my ATOM 2.5 ex some time pinter happen 
  • What I need is the content of the Console in lower right edge. Maybe it contains something understandable, but I need the complete content, so please copy and paste the text. The image shows only a small part. Often the error also starts with a long link providing more detailed informations when you click on it. In that case also copy the link.
  • this is very long ,see error number ,Has been increasing
    i save Part Put on google drive

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    maybe i know cause, my atom 2.5 ex have 2 Extruder 1 head
    so i use the second extruder print single color model 
    but i have not creation the second extruder setting ,so program can't show the second extruder data
    have this error
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    You could be right. Javascript want to access the name of a extruder from configuration and fails, so if you have 2 extruder and only one configured that might in deed the reason. You could just define 2 extruders in the configuration and the error should disappear. I guess you would need that anyway to switch between extruders in the interface.
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