Bring back the ability to move the "camera" in Print Preview

I'm using Repetier-Host V2.0.1, and I sorely miss one functionality that was present in earlier versions of Repetier, namely the ability to move (translate in X and Y) the "camera" point of view in Print Preview.  Why did this go away?  Now the only options are to rotate, and to zoom on the center of the print.
Let's say I was printing a decorated picture frame, and I wanted to zoom in really close on a detail in the corner to make sure that my model got sliced properly and that the printer will do what I hoped for.  How can I do that in the current version of Repetier Host?  I use the Prusa version of Slic3r, and it doesn't give me that ability either, so I'm out of luck for the moment.


  • No, you just do not know that hitting shift is the camera move options. So hold shift and move with mouse. In fact in rotate mode you can do everything with the right key pressed, even moving objects with right mouse button.
  • Thank you; that works. Still, it would be nice to bring back the former on-screen control.  Windows users expect to do everything with one hand on the mouse, and using the shift key is very non-intuitive for us.
  • Middle mouse button works wonders :)
  • I'm with you, RetireeJay. Please bring back the "Move Viewpoint" control.
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