Slic3r perimeter speed settings grayed out

I went to use my printer this AM and the settings in Slic3r for perimeter speed are grayed out.
It is the same on another computer. Why?
RH 2.0.1


  • I am having the same problem too. Typically it hasn't been greyed out for me, until I starting running my print speed slower. I'm confused as to why its happening as well.
  • Never seen. Only know that if support is disabled the support interface speed gets disabled. Maybe update to latest host version especially if you are also on 2.0.5.
  • I just installed Slic3r latest version for the Mac. Was using Simplify3D. I, too, See that the overall speed is grayed out and set to 80mm/s. This option is under the Advanced settings. I can set the "Max Volumetric Speed". Also under "Acceleration control" I can Set only the Default value. I can set all other speed settings. Lets Hope that the values I set for the other speed settings will over ride the "Max Print Speed" setting.
  • They should override. Greyed out should mean not used or automatically computed from other values.
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