Defined Printer Limits

I keep getting the following message when I try and start a print.

'According to your defined printer limits, this print will not fit inside your printer. Print Anyway?'

I can choose to print anyway and it works fine. This bug started after my update to 85.2.


  • Actually it is not a bug but done on purpose. We now test if all extrusions are only above the bed shape. So if you get this message always I guess this is not the case. Most likely you use some initialization that does extrusions outside the bed area and the causes the message. In that case you need to help server to ignore these moves:


    Ignore next print moves for object size calculation. This is interesting if you make a extrusion at a fixed position. Then the server will include that into the size and that may lead teh rendere to show a much too small object.


    Stops the @nosize command from neglecting size computation. Never forget this if you use @nosize. They should always come as a pair.

    So put at the beginning

    and after this outside extrusion add
    so it then can start with gcode rendering. Everything inside @nosize does not get rendered.
  • Strange, if this has always been in place, then why has it not shown up until after the update. All slicers I have used do a purge just outside of the print area before moving in to do the skirt and the rest of the print.
  • That feature is new. Previously we would print everything without test. But especially with large objects this can lead to expensive errors, so we now run this test. And as you just confirmed it is working! So just add the server commands to exclude your purge and it will really show correct positioning. Maybe I can remove pure extrusion on first layer from counting to position test. Will check that as an improvement.
  • Yeah, if you could remove the check on the first layer or ignore the check for the common purge locations, that would be great. With the update, the server now has all my files marked as bad. So I either have to manually update the gcode within server or process the stl file with the new coding and upload again.
  • I've also had this since upgrading and don't fancy having to go through and update all my STL files I use for each printer.

    Would it be possible to add an option (Either per printer or per server) to disable this warning?
  • I prefer more not marking purges outside print area as part of print area, so it does not appear any more. After all it is an important information that your print will fail. Only shortcoming was that I did not consider users extruding outside print area.
  • I don't mind the check, just need it to ignore purges on first layer. If that is done, it should be a very useful addition.
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