Build section.

Im new but though a build section with say delta, scara blabla trype printer builds so we could put our printer build up.
I think we all end up going DIY or custom in the end so well worth a section in my eyes.

Be nice to see ither builds as I my self have several builds on right now but im here because of repetiers power, well as just show off what it can do on builds?

Just thinking saves me using many other forums if I can get all info here and it saves people using other forums and wasting there times with bs answers.

But one appreciates what youve done already and can see that might be extra hassle you dont want but I thought it was worth a mention.

Take care


  • Im on about the forum aha jot the programming.
  • Not sure informer app is the right place for this.

    This forum is for all repetier software related stuff. We will not add threads for building printers. Have already enough to do monitoring existing staff. is an excelent forum for threads about building printers.
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