Not getting notifications on IOS

I see the messages appear in the app but they dont show up as a push notification in IOS. I've checked my notification settings and they are all turned on. Any ideas?


  • Thanks for submitting. It was a certificate that needed to be replaced. Should now work.
  • Yep its working now. Thanks for such a quick resolution!
  • Repetier said:
    Thanks for submitting. It was a certificate that needed to be replaced. Should now work.
    Hello, this seems to have broken again. I guess the certificate expired?
  • Should work now, thanks for notification.
  • The same with me right now. No push message, in the application (iOS) I am able to receive the message correctly.
  • Please test if it now works. Also software was running it seemd to hang. Have restartet it and now it logs successfull messages again.
  • Yes, it works again, thanks, guys.
  • To resolve the issue,
    Tip 1. Check whether your mute button switches to Silence. If it does, there would be no Sound when the notification is created on your iPhone or iPad.

    Tip 2. Check whether "Do Not Disturb" is activated. If this feature is enabled on Settings app, calls and alerts will be silenced while your iPhone locked.

    Tip 3. Check whether you turn on the notifications for the apps by going to Settings > Notifications. If you turn off notifications for some apps, it won't notice you the apps' news.

    Tip 4. Check whether the network is working in a good condition. If it isn't, apps won't update the news and send notifications. Just re-connect your Wi-Fi or Cellular network. Or reset network settings.

    Tip 5. You can restart your device, which is one of basic tips to fix any iOS issues.

    If you still face the issue, You need get the latest version of app from Appvn download for iOS.
  • @stlenvan
    Thanks (if you are a human), but the problem was not in an iOS settings. If somebody experiences the problem as I did (app was able to download messages but no notification emerged), the fastest way is to ask Repetier guys to check whether their server is alive.
    In addition:
    Tip 1: Silenced iPhone would show the push message onscreen.
    Tip 4: No network means no possible download of messages.
    Tip 5: Restart of iOS has (almost) never helped me to solve any issue (this is a big difference between iDevices and PC :-)
    I would be very careful concerning the app you have mentioned, there is no need for it.
  • I think the cert needs updating again? I'm not getting any notifications @Repetier
  • Nevermind. Appologies my group seems to have disappeared. Thats why I wasnt getting message. I re added it and now I seem to get 
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