How to disable Checksum ?

I modified the Repetier firmware a little bit, so I could send my own encrypted special gcode over serial port and run it properly. However, the same special gcode cannot be sent via Repetier Host. I guess, the codes sent via Repetier Host goes through a correction “check”. I want to override this control and sent my own special encrypted gcode via Repetier Host, how can I do this? (my code includes mostly meaningless characters)


  • Please do not forget to publish the firmware sources with your decryption routine as required by GPLV3 if you publicly use the modified firmware:-)

    Regarding host, you can not disable insertion of line numbers and checksums. These are required to maintain a reliable communication. If you need to send a modified code instead of the unencrypted part, you need to write a new connector, register it and use that instead of the normal serial connector. 

    For next release I plan to add a "#" prefix which tells host to send the line as it is without line number and checksum. We have already done this with latest server release. This is more meant to use smoothiewares terminal commands as well, and of course as mentioned you loose validity check and error correction.
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