Fan Keeps turning on and cooling below set nozzle temp.

Hello. I am new to printing and suck at programming, but I am having an issue with my extruder fan cooling my nozzle to a lower temp than set. Then, when I turn of the fan, it will turn back on automatically. Please help and if it is super code "go into the firmware and change this..." oriented, as much detail as possible is greatly appreciated. Thank you do much!


  • You said when you turn it off it goes on again. The point is you can not turn off a cooling fan. That is only controlled by the firmware. So you might have used the fan wrong or at different places for different things. That would be bad since only one function should control one fan. So check where you all used the fan. E.g. FAB_PIN is normally used for filament cooling controlled by M106/M107 if you turn it on in features. If you do the extruder cooling fan must use a different fan.
  • Thank you so much. You are really going to face palm this, but I have tried to input Mcodes before and nothing seems to happen. Can you tell me where/how to input them? Thank you so much again!
  • As I already said, for the cooling fan there are no gcodes to control them. They are controlled by firmware configuration only.

    The only fan you can control is the filament cooling fan and that gets controlled by M106 and M107 but this is not the fan you ente rin extruder configuration for extruder cooling.
  • Thank you so much. Sorry for the misunderstanding! Thank you!!
  • Are you talking about the fan that blows across the fins on the hotend? Or the one to cool the printed part on the bed. If it is the one to cool the printed part that is lowering the temp, you might have to adjust it so it doesn't blow on the heater and block area

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