Layer height stopping e-motor

So I've got an anycubic delta a few months back. Everything was going fine. Until yesterday. At a layer height of .3-.2 it will work. But when I try to do a .1mm layer the extruder motor stops moving.
The motor and driver chip tested fine. There is no clog at the hotend. I have checked all the common issues. I am guessing it is software related? Any ideas?


  • If your code contains E moves the motor will turn or try to do so. Firmware doe snot know about layer height so that is not likely.

    What is more likely is a force problem at lower layer height. If nozzle is closer you get more back pressure and the nozzle might fill up higher with plastic and also needs more force. But that would mean it works for a while and then stops working (except first layer if you are too close to bed, so use higher first layer height).
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