How to Upgrade to 0.85 on RasperryPi?

I have an existing reptetier-server install on a raspberry pi and it's working but I'm not sure how to handle the upgrade to the latest v0.85? 

Is it something you can do command line via ssh (if so how) or does it require installing the latest raspi image that has 0.85?


  • What about Menu > Check for updates?
  • kissman said:
    What about Menu > Check for updates?
    That only provides a link to the download section and does not handle the upgrade itself. 
  • In check updates you should get now the autoupdate button. Maybe you just were a bit early as we have activated it some hours after providing the links. Otherwise you can always download and install like first install with dpkg.
  • I must have mis-timed getting the autoupdate button too, and ended up downloading a new image and re-imaging the SD card, then spending time re-installing the MJPG-streamer etc.  

    Also, can't the MJPG streamer dependencies etc be pre-installed on the Pi SD image?
  • The pi image has the streamer already included and preconfigured for easy selection in printer configuration. Just plug in webcam and it should start.
  • I mean our image of course not the official image!
  • The Autoupdate button is being hidden. I see it very briefly as I refresh the page along with a comparison chart for Free vs Pro, I have a license so that quickly goes away and all I see after that is the "Download New Version" button. 

    I was able to do a screenshot of each state and they are attached.
  • You are right. Could reproduce it and it is a bug in 0.80.3 and 0.85.0 that breaks autoupdate. So until you have 0.85.1 you need to download and
    sudo dpkg -i filename
    to update the version.
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    Where I can download new version for update? Could you write step by step instruction for updating?
  • Update and new installation are exactly the same steps. We have adjusted the infos so in short you should also see the steps  What also should work is running:

    sudo /usr/local/Repetier-Server/bin/RepetierInstaller /usr/local/Repetier-Server/etc/RepetierServer.xml
    from linux command line. Then the installer does everything. Works as soon as you see the update notice.

  • What URL does the Update Now button use? Is it something we can just copy/paste into the address bar to allow the update routine to run in the browser?
  • No you have to run it from terminal console, e.g. by logging in using putty. The webinterface solution is what is broken.
  • ok. thanks for confirming.
  • Tell me how to back up the printer settings and uploaded projects before updating?
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    I updated my Pi 3 to the latest repetier server. 0.85.2. I had to do it manually. In the process I also upgraded the Pi 3's Jessie as I have the camera module for the Pi installed and it was not working.

    Now the touchscreen is not working with server. It was showing black screen. so I turned it off by removing the power cable and reseated the touchscreen cable. Then plugged it back in. The touchscreen is showing command line input prompt now.

    edit: I have an HDMI cable plugged in as well atm. The screen was displaying black before.

  • I figured out what happened. when I upgraded Jessie, it did not reinstall lightdm. 

    I executed "sudo apt-get install lightdm"

    then in raspi-config, I boot option to mode 4, auto login to PI and start X windows. It is now working correctly.

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