I recently upgraded to Repetier Host v2 and can no longer communicate with my printer

I recently upgraded from Repetier Host 1.6.2 to 2.0.1 on a Ubuntu 14.04LTS PC Desktop connected to a Makers Tool Works MendelMax 3 (via USB). The MM3 is running Marlin Firmware that was provided by the manufacturer.

Everything was running reasonably well before the upgrade. Since the upgrade to RH 2.0.4 I have not been able to communicate to the printer. The "Connect/Disconnect" Icon on RH switches from one to the other but it doesn't seem to be communication with the printer.

I see the following in the RH GUI and logs:

nn Commands Waiting

No start signal detected - forcing start

N1 M110*34

N2 M115*36

N3 M105*36

N4 M114*35

N5 m111 s6*98

JOV?f?J?z?%iE$%?JXF?*( run on string of random looking characters...)

Communication timeout - reset send buffer block




A search of faq's and posts all seem point to communications configuration. I've verified that the "Printer Settings" are correct (baud rate etc.) and the MM is connected properly.

Does anyone know what the solution might be?




  • Random characters are normally a sign of wrong baud rate. On linux the port names in /dev are not bound to devices for printers, so if you have 2 printers the port names can switch depending of order enabling them. So maybe the selected port is wrong and it's talking to wrong device? In any case I think a setup change is the problem - in host or linux.
  • Sorry all

    I re-ran configureFirst.sh and InstallDependenciesDebian and it works.

    My Bad
  • the best way is to see what else you have done go to rep-host click on configuration look at the firmware EEPROM IS ON IN MOST CASE that is it   
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