make Z home then retract 10mm

Is there a way to make the home command from the dashboard home button (not Gcode G28) automatically home the Z axis then back it off 10mm? Usually, when I do that the heater is on so I must manually back it off so the filament can leak out.


  • At least in 1.0 you can do this:

    // If you do z min homing, you might want to rise extruder a bit after homing so it does not heat

    // touching your bed.

    #define Z_UP_AFTER_HOME 0

  • I am using 2.01 - are you saying modify the Repetier code with that, set it to whatever I need and recompile. I've never done that with Repetier. Guess I need to look into that. I thought I had it working with 1 simply by adding something to a config or script, but I have long lost that trick if I did.
  • 2.0.1 is host version. But commands are interpreted by firmware so you need to tweak firmware to do that automatically on G28. In Host all you can do is modify a script button to send
    G1 Z10

    and click that button instead. Or make it directly a preheat button, whatever you need.
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