z -probe did not untrigger after going back to start position

I seem to be having issues with my Zonestar P802Q. I have an inductive sensor and want to use it for autoleveling. When I use the M119 code repetier successfully reports when the sensor is active and when it isn't. When I try running G32 for autoleveling, it'll attempt the lower left corner and then I will get the error code "z -probe did not untrigger after going back to start position".

I'm very new to 3D printing and haven't been able to use my product at all. Some people said that if I get rid of the z-min endstop it should help but all it causes is the extruder unit to crash into the bed. Any help would be appreciated.


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    you probably need to increase the switching distance from its default of 1mm in the firmware.

    Distance to switch off z probe

    allso make sure you start the G32 with z at least 5
    What homing order do you have selected? i find Z up X Y then Z  works best

    You cant really use a mechanical Z min endstop and a probe together very easily, you would need to position the switch below Z0 for this to work.
    You can remove the Z min switch and use the probe for Z min homing, or you can move the switch to Z max position and home Z max.
  • How would I go about changing it so the probe homes for Z min homing?
  • Also check
    #define Z_PROBE_BED_DISTANCE 5.0 // Higher than max bed level distance error in mm

    To use it as z-min set z-min to same pin and same switching behaviour (so M119 shows always the same for z-min and z-probe). Select homing order with preheat temperature, set temp. to 0 but set homing position 100,100 so activating probe is no problem.
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