MJPG-Server stops random


i have the Repetier Server Image for the Raspberry Pi 3b installed and everything works fine but not the PI Cam.

When i open the drop down list in the Webcam Settings the Cam is displayed but when i press assign and save the configuration and look if there are Pictures there are nothing. Every time i open the Webcam Settings the cam isnt selected.

please help me!


  • if it helps:
    -i am using the pro version in trial mode
    -The printer is a Wanhao duplicator i3 v2
    -i cant access the mjpg server
    -nothing happens if i restart the webcam server
    -after the restart of the raspberry it works maybe ten minutes then it stops again
  • Try ip:8090 which should open it form mjpg_streamer directly. If it does not not work there it does not work in server. Server is just a proxy for the stream from that software.

    I have now a pi cam working for several month without interruption of mjpg_streamer so that is in general no problem. Maybe your cable is not perfectly connected and it creates problems from time to time. In any case check /var/log/syslog where you see problems from mjpg_streamer and also devices added/removed. I guess there you find the next hint.
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