BLK errors?

Keep seeing these errors in repetier host, but ussually onl in the first few layers.

11:34:54.793 : Printing layer 1 of 59
11:35:19.191 : BLK 9
11:35:26.786 : BLK 6
11:39:39.098 : BLK 9
11:39:40.496 : BLK 9
11:41:46.231 : Printing layer 2 of 59
11:41:47.952 : BLK 8
11:41:48.954 : BLK 7
11:41:54.090 : BLK 8
11:43:01.766 : BLK 8
11:44:04.493 : BLK 9
11:44:09.505 : BLK 9
11:45:10.091 : Printing layer 3 of 59


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    And apparently I can't edit the above post.

    Now the errors are nearly continuous and I am unable to produce good prints from the computer.  

    As far as I know nothing changed!
  • BLK is nothing you should ever see. This can happen if you have too many small segments in a row so the firmware is not fast enough to refill queue. If you slow down your print it should get better as this gives you more time. Or do not generate so many small segments, but that is something hard to control. In some slicers you can say to relax on small error like 0.02mm so segments get larger.
  • Will BLK messages cause lost steps?

  • It can happen. BLK appears if stepper interrupt needs to start next segment but it is blocked since it is still being computed.
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    Is there anyway to get feedback on what exact area  of code might be causing the BLK errors?
    Because I have been running my delta printer for several weeks without errors and now I am getting them all the damn time and loosing position frequently.  Was not losing position until the BLK errors started.

  • That's why we call it an error. Only way is to print with host/server and enable logging. Then you can see the context also you need to check several commands before the error as it caches moves so reason may be up to 100 lines before BLK.
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