store current position to eeprom

My idea is to add three additional M codes 

1-store current position ( X , Y ,Z)  to eeprom and store it as position N for example
maybe the code can look like this : M** S1  
as S 1 means store to position 1 (i think 3 positions will be enough )

2-show the stored coordinates in position N for example sending M*** S1 will send the coordinates stored in position and will show M*** S1 x... y... z...

3-move to position N for example sending M**** S1 will move the printer to coordinates stored in position 1

I think this will help a lot when using Repetier for cnc routing (for storing zero points and other necessary points)  or for example to store the position while layer change so we can resume a print if the printer powered off accidentally 

actually I tried to find out how to add eeprom addresses to the firmware and add new M codes and make this idea but I think I don't have enough programming skills to do this yet

I hope you can help me doing this or maybe you can start the development of this idea and I can help with trying on my printer or what ever I can do to help

And finally Thank you a lot for your works with all this flexible and reliable firmware ...


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    you already have one position, use M401 to store and M402 to move to the stored position(it´s not in EEprom).
    if it´s fixed positions you can use scripts from host.

    to add new M-codes you can use the Custom event system.

    see development branch on Github
  • I often print from sd card and I was thinking about storing the current position in the beginning of each layer so I can resume print if any problem or a power off happens 
    any way thank you for your answer and I will check out how to make new custom event 

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