extrude commands moving all extruders on mixing setup

Hello! So I'm working on upgrading my Rumba based printer to use a Diamond hot-end. I have three extruder motors hooked up to E0 E1 and E2. I have Mixing Extruder checked, but any extrusion command makes all three motors move. Additionally, E0 doesn't want to step properly, where E1 and E2 are moving smoothly. It will do a hard tick back and forth at one spot. Mirror motor signals is NOT checked. Steppers are set to correct extruders. Mixing Extruder and Extruders share same heater are checked.

Any help? Any additional info needed? Thanks!


  • First thing with mixing extruder is set mixing ratios for all virtual extruders. They move like defined my mixing ratio. So set for example T0-T2 to 100/0/0, 0/100/0, 0/0/100 to move only one of the three. 

    E0 could be a blocked filament, then motor flips back when max. force is exceeded. See if you can push manually. If yes check motor current. Alternatvely if only one coil is powered it also just jitters a bit. Test motor without gearing etc and if does not turn just jitters you may have only one coil powered. Check connectors/cables for bad contact.
  • Aha! Okay this was exactly what I needed to get going. Thank you! It was a combination of not getting the startup scripts right, and having one broken lead on the E0 stepper, which caused one of the coils to not fire.
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