Getting a Smoothie based printer to work with Repetier Server


We've been using Repetier Server Pro for a while and we love it. Our Marlin and Repetier based printers work flawlessly. We are now testing with Smoothie firmware, Redeem firmware and RepRap firmware.

We have remarked the following problems with Repetier Server and Smoothie:
  • Once a manual reset is done (hitting the reset button on the electronic board), there is no feedback communication from the board. The M105 doesn't return any temperature and a timeout error is sent. The only way to get the communication back is to export the printer settings, delete the printer from Repetier Server, and finally import the settings as a new printer.
  • Smoothie can accept other commands such as "reset", "resume", and many more. It seems like it is not possible to send them through Repetier Server, nor by Repetier Host. By comparison, these commands will work on Pronterface with a "@" before the command.
  • Repetier doesn't seem to receive all the information (messages) from the smoothie board. We are testing a filament sensor and the M600 command don't output any message through the Repetier console. Using Pronterface, all direction to restart the print are printed to the console, which is very helpful. Also, sending the "M601" or "resume" command doesn't restart a print.
Looking forward to your help!


  • Just checked and it looks like most commands also have proper g codes. Maybe I can also add a # as escape sign for commands to be send 1:1. Have to check how that is handled and if it can contain gcode checksum/line numbers which are normally essential for detecting communication errors and fixing them.

    I don't know what reset does on smoothieware now, have to check that. But upsetting a new printer is surely overkill. Try deactivate and activate instead. I guess smootheware does not send the expected response "start" after a reset causing the problem.

    Overall it seems smoothieware is not that compatible with other firmwares and needs some more special handlings. I will test with my board and hope I can update to lastest version for full tests.
  • Hi there. Im running a tevo little monster with the MKS v1.3 board and smoothieware with the mks wifi module. Any news on success with connecting Repetier Server with smoothieware?
  • It works with usb. TCP/IP is planned for one of the next updates as well. Just make sure that heaters have good names especially if you have multiple extruders name them T0, T1, ... as smoothieware has not the concept of active extruder for temperature reports.
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