Retraction distance long can not delete


Retraction distance long is set to 40mm when i delete it re-appears after a restart or running a print.
Its always there even after set to 0 and saved it still does 40mm long retract on tool change.
Is 0 in firmware.

How do i permanently delete it?


  • Firmware setting is not relevant here. We do not use G10/G11 which would use firmware settings.

    Important fact is that you set values per extruder and only when you insert/remove filament changed values get stored. So setting 0 a nd leaving does nothing.
  • It happens on a tool change, So where could this retract distance be coming from?
  • Maybe you can explain exactly when and where. The frontend filament change had some errors, so I hope you are using the normal web frontend. Or are you using a firmware version of toolchange?
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