Extruder moves back and forth instantly

Hello repetier forum!

I search a solution for my problem:

Any movement of the extruder, manual oder printing, end up with like a wiggle. I use ramps 1.4 and your firmware wird eeprom. If i plug the extruder in the x axis, it all works fine, or switching the motor driver doesnt help too. sooo..
it instantly retracts or something. Also if i want to move backwards. temperature reatched, changet acceleration, steps.. but nothing works fpr me.. is this a common problem? 



  • No it is not if I understood you correctly. Please try using extuder 2 motor socket instead and see if it vanishes. If it does it could be a problem with the ramps board or some other electrical part that it gets random signals from some other line. Such things are often hard to trace without replacement hardware. But at least it is a possible solution that maybe helps without exchanging any hardware.
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