M and G Code Drop down menu

Hi there,
I'm new to the forum but was thinking there is a definite need for a drop down menu in the send gcode bar.
Perhaps something with just a full list of goods and mcodes with a brief description alongside.
Give you the option then in the send bar to either send a specific gcode or literally type offset and a list of offset codes comes up. Then when you click it let's say M851 it then prompts you for an offset value and creates the command for you.
Or similarly PID tuning command then prompts you for extruder or bed then temperature and number of cycles.

Just thought this may be extremely helpful.


  • This is also extremely uncomfortable. Different firmwares use different commands so we would end up with maybe 300 commands and masks. Entering them by hand is much quicker and more flexible as every week some firmware also gets new commands but host does not know this and also does not know what your version exactly supports.

    In practice you need maybe 20 commands regularly and it is easy to remember them if you do much manual stuff. For the most frequent manual control even has it's controls so that many users do not need them except for so special things like calibration and autoleveling, which also depends not only on firmware but also compile option and printer type.
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