server wont start on win vista 64bit

reformatted my spare computer and install fresh windows vista 64 bit, trying to install rep server 0.83, gets allmost to the end and then says repetier server has stopped working, so far i have installed java and .net 4, do i need any other periferall software for rep server to run ?


  • No, it even does not need .net or java. It is pure C++ so it just needs the prooper Visual c++ redistributable libraries for visual studio 2015, which I always assume it would install if needed. 

    Did it already create a data directory and write something in the log? If not the windows events should show a missing dll on load I guess.
  • Hmmm,ok
    It seems the C++ redist are not completing there installation,gets to about 99% and freezes.
    Will need further investigation,maybe motherboard is too old lol

  • I've never seen a motherboard cause a C++redist install failure. Not saying weird things can't happen, but just haven't seen that. Normally when software installs and causes 'hardware' problems, its BSOD errors from driver issues. But if you're already planning on a new motherboard. I wou'dn't stop you. :)

    As for the failed installed of the library. Check your system for viruses and malware. Once you are confident that its clean, try turning off anti-virus during the install of the C++ redist. Anti-virus software likes to meddle with installs and cause problems quite often. If that still doesn't allow it to install completely, then you may be facing permission issues or registry issues.

    Hope this helps
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