Instructions for Custom Touchscreen not working

I followed instructions found here:
Tried all kinds of different urls to access my variant, but I keep getting "Requested file not found."

Are the instructions still valid for Server 80.3 (on windows).
Is there a way to allow folder browsing to figure out the right url?


  • That is the old touschscreen that is discontinued, but still included and working. For the new touchscreen frontend see
    and the chapter in the server manual for normal activation. Windows and Linux use both the same urls,so 
    should be correct for all versions if it is running on same device (which is required for it to work with users enabled).
  • Thanks. Please add note and link to the old instructions page, that there is a new version which can be customized as described in
    Thanks anyway
  • So, I followed the new instructions, but "npm install" fails (using NodeJS 6.7). see attached logfile.Tried to run command with Admin priviledges too, same result though.

    I have almost zero npm knowledge, so please help me

    In turn, I will provide you with step-by-step guide to add to your instructions!
  • This is a bit tricky as there are so many versions and dependencies. I'm quite sure I have modified the download to already contain node_modules directory with all dependencies so it works. So please reunpack und omit the npm install part.
  • OK, would love to try, but the instructions are not clear enough for me to find the files to be edited. Too many www, front, front2 folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\Repetier-Server
    All I would like to do is change the size of the GUI to fit my X220 tablet PC (1368x786)...
  • I agree that this is mor esomethign for webprogrammers than non programming users.

    In your case all you want is a different css so forget javascript and add just your resolution, which is 


    • 12,5" 1366x768 HD, LED-Backlight
    • 12,5" 1366x768 Premium HD, LED-Backlight, IPS-Panel (FRU 93P5675)
    as I found in internernet. Will see if I can add this for next update as additional breakpoint.
  • I do have (an outdated) programming background, but I cannot figure out, what CSS I need to edit....Could you please indicate the right path. There are many options....
    And just to make sure I am barking up the right tree, I do not need to download the source, but can make the changes in the Repetier-Server installation directory, right? (Properly backed up of course)
  • Please try this ui.css
    should be in install/www/front2/www/css

    I have added an additional breakpoint with your resolution.
  • Ok, I give up and wait. The css is compressed and there are simply too many "width" references in that file. Could not figure out which one to change....
  • The one I gave you has your changes already included. YOu should just replace it.
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