WiFi problems not as AP

I have an Alligator Board r2 linked to Raspberry pi3 with flat cable, on serial port...directly linked, now with printing I haven't problems but with the wifi connection I have many problems. With ethernet connection I give the wifi password to my rpi3 e for 30-40minutes all is ok, but after random time the wifi connection became lost....so I can use repetier server only as Access point and here I see all info about 3d printer and the print in progress...but only way to return in wifi mode is with ethernet cable...but after 30-40 minutes the wifi connection is re-lost :(
So Can I use repetier server on my rpi3 as an access point without problems?? (I have a notebook only for 3d printers) I read about an upgrade of repetier server...but which is the cause??
Thanks a lot and 
Compliments for the job
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