Layer count stops


When I exclude some G-code during a print the layer count stops counting from that moment. I use it swap filament at the right layer so it would be nice if it keeps counting.


  • I have put it on my todo for next release. Have to check exclude region anyway. Hope I can replay the error.
  • Great, let me know when you need more information
  • To see the error, just make a pause / restart by using the touchscreen or web interface. Logs in Repetier Host still show the layer change, but it doesn't update in web / touch any more...
  • Pause is no problem for me but excluding a part in deed stops counting in my test. Will fix for next release.
  • Ok, I found what goes wrong. G92 with non 0 value is handled wrong and then server thinks it is no new extrusion and does not count up any more for a while. This also might happen on pause if you change filament, so I guess all goes down to this root error. Does have no effect on the print it self, but ugly for the interface.
  • Good job, tnx. Another problem solved, waiting for the next updtae :)
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