Repetier lost connection with Prusa i3

I like use Repetier couse is a excellent software for manually handle many settings in the printer, but some times when I start a job, in any time of it, Repetier lost the connection with the printer, I need Reconnect to establish communication again. I think is a Software problem, couse with cura I can complete any job.. Any idea??

thanks by advance..

PD. In the Log panel no Errors are show....


  • The host does not disconnect on it's own if there is no error message unless the usb gets disconnected or windows tells it was disconnected.

    If it is always at the beginning of a job ther emight be a connection with the heaters causing some electrical problems which cause usb to think it was disconnected. But with the same script this should also happen in cura sooner or later.
  • Thanks by answer.. I forget... I u se Mac OS X Yosemite... 

    Recently I download de FTDI driver and update (add) the description of Arduino to the .plist, and set Latency to 2ms. I tray make a full print. and I coment Again :)
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